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Help Get Yvonne on the ballot


In order to get on the ballot, we must either pay our way or collect enough signatures from registered voters to get us there.  Please help us save thousands of campaign dollars by signing the petition to put Yvonne on the ballot.  This is not a vote for any candidate, it simply allows Yvonne to appear on the ballot.

There are two ways you can sign: online in one step or by printing and mailing (or scanning) the petition.  Note: You must live in District 20 for your petition to count. (House District 20 map)


The easiest way to sign the petition is via the online petition:




If you'd prefer to print and mail (or print, scan, and email) the petition, please download the petition here. Then print and mail signed petition to: 
P.O. Box 142213
Gainesville, FL 32614

Or download, fil, and scan petition to

DON't Forget to Share

Please share this page with as many friends and family as you can.  Thank you! 

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