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I have been an educator for over 20 years, and I am dedicated to improving our school system until it is the best it can be. I think we can best improve our schools by implementing these policies.  


Funding our Public School: Florida is currently #46 out of 50 states in terms of funding for Public Schools. That is embarrassing and sad, our kids deserve better and we can do better. 

Magnet Schools: Our students perform best when they are engaged and learning practical skills. Magnet programs are beneficial to all students and should be implemented statewide. Any school in need of this asset for its community should be able to write a proposal to the state. 

Develop a Professional Teacher Core: Empower teachers to participate in decisions regarding the school, the students and school climate. Pay them the salary of professionals. 

Path to Career: Students can achieve more if they are learning from professionals. Mentorship programs should be implemented and encouraged statewide. We will expand grant and loan opportunities for these unique and impactful experiences.  

Path to College: College should be affordable and accessible for all Florida residents. Additionally, Bright Futures grants once earned should be secured. I will also work to lower interest rates for college loans.

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1) The people of Florida voted for Amendment 4; I will ensure that the will of the people is executed. Voting and civil rights will be restored and not blocked. 

2) Legalize cannabis and exonerate all incarcerated persons for possession only.  

3) Rehabilitate incarcerated people and reduce recidivism by offering GED courses, college off-campus classes and distance learning trades.

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 Working families are struggling, everyday working two to three jobs to afford the rent. Every living human should have a place to call home. As your representative I will: 

1) Work with local governments to lower or subsidize rent

2) Negotiate and advocate for the restoration of state housing funds 

3) Collaborate with builders and developers to provide incentives for building affordable, cost-effective housing.



As your Representative I will continue to fight for our environment. I will protect our springs, fight senseless pollution and lead the push for renewable resources.

  • Reduce the use of fossil fuels while increasing renewable energy sources to lower co2 emissions.

  • Make Florida, the Sunshine State, a leader in solar energy.

  • Protect our aquifer, springs and waterways from corporate exploitation.

  • The Gainesville community has been a leader in the effort to reduce reliance on single use plastics. Expand this effort.

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