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Reinvesting in public education

  1. Create a strong Department of Education that can ensure school districts and teachers have the resources they need to help students succeed.

  2. Increase access to affordable high-quality Pre-K and Kindergarten.

  3. Increase funding for vocational, technical and apprenticeship programs.

  4. Support and underwrite continuing education and professional development for teachers.

Building a world-class education system

  1. Set high academic standards so American students are ready to compete in the globalized 21st century economy.

  2. Expand the role of teachers as leaders and innovators.

  3. Empower teachers to simply teach by eliminating the focus on high-stakes testing.

  4. Empower schools and teachers to organize in collaboration clusters

Making the education system work for all Americans

  1. Make higher education more affordable by working with states and colleges to decrease tuition.

  2. Decrease the interest rate on federally backed student loans and federal small business loans to spur the economy.

  3. Ensure that charter schools aren’t capturing resources from public schools.

  4. Ensure clear and easy access to the GI Bill for veterans interested in a college education.

  5. Support the DREAM act to ensure education for all American children.


Ensuring prosperity for America’s middle-class

  1. Provide an infrastructure and support system to families and ensure that they have well-paying jobs and a livable wage to maintain a standard of living that will not require them working two and three jobs.

  2. Clear the path for homeownership with a special emphasis on veterans who deserve a piece of the country they served.

Strengthening families

  1. Ensure access to affordable, high-quality childcare

  2. Incentivize states to ensure that solutions promote family unity rather than division.

  3. Send a grant to the states to allow them to expand voucher programs from high quality day care and Pre-K.

  4. Develop an accessible and effective infrastructure for families in crisis, including access to mental healthcare.

  5. Expand LIHEAP to allow it to more effectively carry out its mission of assisting low income families with their energy bills.

  6. Keep families together by working with immigration officials and supporting legislation in Congress that provides an affordable, reasonable and humane path to citizenship.



Bringing America’s healthcare system into the 21st century

  1. Support and ensure the passage of House Bill HR 676. This bill establishes the Medicare for All Program to provide all individuals residing in the United States and U.S. territories with free health care that includes all medically necessary care, such as primary care and prevention, dietary and nutritional therapies, prescription drugs, emergency care, long-term care, mental health services, dental services, and vision care.

  2. Strengthen and protect medicare, medicaid and social security until such time that medicare and medicaid are folded into HR 676. Social security shall remain solvent.

  3. A full-scale reform of the Veteran’s Administration Healthcare System because Malcolm Randall VA hospital which serves the 3rd congressional district currently ranks 2/5, which is unacceptable.

A multi-faceted approach to healthcare

  1. Strengthen and protect the FDA to ensure that it has the resources and power to make science-based decisions regarding the safety and affordability of food and drugs.

  2. Allow the FDA to test products that have passed the muster of EU countries such as medical marijuana and new prescription drugs.

  3. Educate citizens on the benefits of nutrition, exercise, and healthy eating.

  4. Identify “food deserts” and promote solutions for urban communities.

  5. Protect and support American agriculture by encouraging Americans to buy local.


Gun safety

  1. Promote stronger regulations on semi-automatic firearms as well as accessories such as silencers and extended magazines.

  2. Ensure federal background checks for all gun purchases.

  3. Ensure that citizens with dangerous mental health issues and domestic abusers have no access to firearms.

  4. Initiate discussion of a Second Amendment rewrite so that the language includes current-day weaponry.

A justice system that’s actually just

  1. End America's addiction to mass incarceration.

  2. Review and change federal sentencing guidelines to eliminate systematic processes that lead to an unequal and unjust sentence.

  3. Eliminate sentencing discrepancies that target African Americans.

  4. Incentivize states to reduce their prison populations and promote inmate reintegration. This includes an accessible path to rights reinstatement for non-violent felons.

  5. Decriminalize and legalize the use of cannabis for citizens over 21 years of age and regulate it like alcohol.

  6. Work with the Bar association to better train judges towards restorative justice, and civil citations.

  7. Weed out judges that have innate racial biases and prevent biased judges from being placed on the bench by utilizing approved and nationally certified assessment tools.

  8. Support the Veterans Preference Act.

The Earth​

Ensure the health of our planet for future generations

  1. Curtail greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainability.

  2. Bring funding to local communities with unique environmental needs.

  3. Ban fracking and advocate against harmful mining and drilling.

  4. Return scientists to the EPA and allow them to plot a course that promotes regulations that encourage practices that protect our atmosphere and water from pollution.

  5. Fight for policies that cap emissions and promote renewable energy by having a National Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, and a form of cap and trade.

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